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Watch Project X review online which is a film that mixes Paranormal Activity with Superbad and The Hangover, it's a group of 3 teenagers from high school who decide to organize a birthday party to make history and gain popularity. It will be the biggest party of their lives in the House of the parents of one of they, and since the preparations for the event to the same party everything will be recorded and documented by the camcorder one of they, so we have the feeling of Paranormal Activity but with drunken teenagers and girls dancing rather than an invisible demon.

As expected, the party will come out of control, they llagaran too many people and the House will be destroyed … but what counts is the adventure of the way and not the end XD

Director: Nima Nourizadeh (it is his first feature film, before it was not shot or commercial)
A project by producer Todd Phillips (who was director of The Hangover 2, Due Date, The Hangover, Starsky & Hutch, Road Trip). It is investing $12 million in this film for Warner Bros..For further details Watch Project X trailer online

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