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Mixture of American Pie and Very Bad Things, on 2 March premieres in United States the film Watch Project X online free.

If Charlie Sheen might choose a 2012 starring film, sure that he would choose Watch Project X online free. The film directed by Nima Nourizadeh puts us a drink in hand and introduces us to the feast more savage in the history of cinema. A party organized by a pair of teenagers who want to draw the attention of the most popular girls of his Institute and intended to surround himself with people cool, at least for a few hours. With this intention, money, a good campaign of communication and a spectacular House, the night turns into the most amazing of their lives. Even there, the part of the film that looks like American Pie, filled with sexy teens, alcohol and good humor.

The second part of the tape, as we said, is to Very Bad Things, that a hen directed by Peter Berg which is twisted to unexplained limits. The police arrive to the Festival of Watch Project X online free when it begins to lose, but only manages to encourage attendees to face them, motivating a disproportionate pitched battle. By the tone of the trailer, it is not very clear if that fight is a bet on the action and entertainment or for black humor, what is clear is that there is an interesting change of game in the middle of the film.

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